Novellatime Stories

About Us

It's NovellaTime! is the greatest way to bring readers and writers together, and at a very inexpensive price.
For the readers-
As a reader, you will be able to read any novella for as little as 10 cents. Our highest price of a novella will only be $1.00 each. After you read the novella, you will be able to rate the story, join a dicussion board or enter to win Q & A's with the author. At you will have the ability to follow your favorite writers and critics. will also have online book clubs where you can join a community of readers and discuss your favorite stories .
For the writers- Tired of all those pay to submit sites that are just phishing for fees? Here at you will have a chance to collect earnings on sales in real time. Here's how-
We are making it very inexpensive for readers to buy and enjoy your novella .The first 250 copies sold will be sold for only .10 cents allowing readers the chance to rate your novella . After that the novel only goes up to 3 coins (30 cents) .At this point you start to earn money with your novella. When you hit 10,000 copies sold you will have earn 1,056.68 . This is the point you will make some decent money 5,000.00 for 10,000 copies sold .
1 coin = .10
The first 250 downloads - 0 Coins (Reader pays 1 coin)
251-5000 downloads - 1 Coin (Reader pays 3 Coins)
5001- 10,000 downloads - 2 Coins (Reader pays 5 Coins)
10,001 + downloads- 5 Coins (Reader pays 10 Coins)
For these milestones, here is where you will make real money-
10,000 downloads = $1,056.68
20,000 downloads = $6,056.68
50,000 downloads = $21,056.68
100,000 downloads = $46,056.68
You will make $5,000.00 every 10,000 downloads after this point.
Withdrawing money from what you'Minimum $100.00
If you withdraw more than $600.00, we will need some information for tax purposes.
You can submit your novellas on the site or email Novellas must be between 15k and 50k words. They must be in English and in orginal
works. We will pursue any attempt to plagorized or submit any work that is not original to the fullest extent of the law .